Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I loaded an started another quilt yesterday, but found myself distracted. So in other words...I didn't work today. Instead I shopped. Bought a couple books on amazon, but mainly spent the big bucks at joggles.

I buy tons of art supplies there. All for fiber art..paints, beads, tyvek, shrink plastic, wool roving, silk roving, Angelina...and the list goes on. Actually I started there, then went to amazon to find the books to go with the mediums and techniques.

Got lots of cool stuff to try, and some that I have tried before and liked. Good Day!

For those of you who asked about my process for the quilt I posted last night, this is my usual way of working.

I first stabilize the quilt by SID (stitch in the ditch, for anyone not familiar)
Then if there are motifs to quilt, I do those.
Then if there is applique, do the detail work in that.
Then finally, I do the background fill.

Once the quilt is stabilized I can roll it back and forth at will without worry. So I will start with one color and do all the work with that color before changing. So it is more efficient than changing colors a gazillion times with each roll.

The borders are usually the last thing I do (sans background fill) and I do turn the quilt to do the side borders.

This all works for me. It's certainly not the only way...just my way.

Thanks for all the generous comments about my work, I really appreciate it.

And I love seeing all of your art too!


  1. I just got my first order from Joggles....some perle cotton and ribbons for embellishing. I want to start another small crazy quilt but I need to applique some hearts from my current piecing project first...and I have more bindings to do.

  2. You are such an inspiration to me. Just knowing the kind of work that can come off your machine makes my day. I have awarded you the "You Make My Day Award! on my blog.


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