Thursday, January 17, 2008

New Experiments

First, let me thank Ruthie for giving me her "Make my day award" I am very honored. And along those lines, there are those blogs that make me.happy to be a part of blogland. So I will pass this award on to them. Mary (of course you all knew my sister would be on that list), Gina, Carla, Suzanne, Vicki W, Gayle, Judy L,Yvonne and Randi. Thank you all for make this blogland a wonderful, sharing place.

Now, As promised I will start sharing the new experiments I have been doing lately. This one was with Tyvek. As you may (or may not) know there are 2 types...hard structure and soft structure. The hard structure is like the post office and Fed Ex envelopes. The soft structure is what they make protective clothing out of. I did the same heat test with both. For this purpose I will call the hard structure Regular tyvek and the soft structure Tyvek fabric.
This is a 4" piece of tyvek fabric as it comes from the manufacturer.

I painted the piece with Jacquard's Lumiere paints (2 colors)...just brushed them on.

The I put it between 2 Teflon sheets and ironed them on the poly setting for just a minute or 2. It was too long.

But you can see what shrinks and bubbles. The side AWAY from the heat gets convex bubbles. This side TOWARDS the heat gets concave bubbles. This one had heat too long and the center melted way.

But you can see how the metallic paint becomes more intense.

This sample is the hard or regular Tyvek before painting.

And after painting; again with Jacquard Lumiere.

This time barely heated it with the iron on the poly setting. And again you get the convex effect on one side and concave on the other. And again the paints become more intense.

The beauty of this material is obviously the texture created. And you can sew thru either one. So I see lots of uses for this neat stuff in future projects.
Tomorrow we'll do air dry polymer clay.


  1. I'm glad I'm on the list since I worked so hard to get you to start blogging!

    What is this weird stuff you're doing now??

    I've been watching the temps drop week will be a welcome break from the REALLY cold weather we're going to have starting tomorrow!

  2. Thanks for the recognition!

    Your samples are really cool! Was there a smell from ironing the Tyvek? Ijsut got two orders of paints (Jacquard and Stewart Gill) in this week and can't wait to play with them this weekend.

  3. Hhhhmmmm, I think I see dimensional postcards in my future. Thanks for the quick lesson.

  4. Awww....thank you so much. I'm very glad that Mary got you blogging. :)

    Your experiments are way cool.

  5. Back atcha babay! I enjoy yours too.. however...................
    how in the HECK do u manage to accomplish so much? Am I not mamanging my time right or what? LOOK what u can get done! Its escapes me!

  6. Are you kidding gina? If you want to see productive go see Mary...she puts out more than anybody I know! I'll bet you get as much done as I do ..maybe more! And anyway, who cares...t'aint a race!

  7. OMG Deb !I did! How can she NOT go to sleep a night? How old is Mary??? if I tried to do that I would be a dish rag for days...hmmmm dishrag for days.... sounds like a title to a blog......


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