Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The long awaited light bar!

I am jumping with joy tonight! My light bar is done and installed! For those of you that missed it, I had been complaining about needing more light directly over my workspace. I had looked at the light system Gammill has now, but there were 2 things I didn't like about it. #1 is that there are regular individual lights at intervals along the bar with shades. So I was afraid shadows would be an issue. Might not be, but it was a concern. #2 was that it was pretty high above the work surface. So, I talked to my husband, showed him the photo of the Gammill setup and told him what I wanted different. He measured and made a drawing. Took it to a steel fabricator that made it to his specifications. Then he drilled my table and bolted on. Then hung two 48" shop light fixtures (I have an 11 ft table). We put in 4 Ott light tubes and Voila! I have perfect light 23" above my entire work surface that doesn't get hot (heat is a big issue here in SW Florida) and with no shadows!!! I am a VERY happy camper!!!
These last 2 photos were taken after dark without the overhead room light on and without the camera flash. The Ott light bulbs came from Dick Blick.
The shop light fixtures came from Home Depot.

I can even quilt at night now if I want too. That is something I couldn't do before. I'm a very lucky girl! Thanks Don, for listening to what I needed and the providing it yet again. You're the best, honey!


  1. Wow Deb....that looks great! Sounds like a keeper to me. :)

  2. OK, it looks wonderful but since when do you work at night? I thought you stopped working at dinner time!

    Did you manage to talk Mom into a visit?

  3. Looks great. I wonder how it will work when you are quilting white thread on white. I know I find with the light on my little Bernina because it throws no shadows at all, the very fine threads disappear. I found a solution by masking off half of the light. Not relevant to you guys on your big machines but perhaps something to keep in mind.

  4. Cool! Looks like a great solution.

  5. U can bet iM forwarding your blog asap to walt right now!!!
    YOU GO DON!!!

  6. What a good hubby you have!

    Thanks for the info about where to get OTT lite bulbs for the long fixtures. I've been saying that I want Ott lites in those ugly floursecent fixtures I have in the family room/quilting studio ever since we put them in. I'm going to have to order them soon!!

  7. I love your new light bar!! May I borrow your husband? LOL


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