Sunday, June 29, 2008

Some birds, and some work

First, the birds. This photo I took early this morning. We had gotten up and we were fixing breakfast. The cats had gone out on the lanai. All of a sudden I here all this racket, I run out, and one of the baby herons took it's first flight and crash landed on top of the lanai screen. It was OK, and got very curious about the cats staring up at him. Click on the picture to see him better.

Then this next picture is in my garage, on top of the cabinets...a mourning dove has made a nest and laid her eggs in this basket....Just the garage door has to be left open about 6" day and night so she and her mate can get in and out. I don't know how long the babies take to fledge after hatching. Lots of heat coming in that opening...... Don and I have had the discussion about keeping the door down....he ignores this is the result. Oh well....

if you click on the picture to enlarge it you can see the mother's tail as she is sitting on that nest.

And now to quilt content. Several of you have asked what I will be using the last batch of fabric that I printed with the watercolor crayons for. Well, it will be a quilt for a textures class I'm teaching in the fall. Today, I got my drawings mostly done (still have to add the fish and shells).
But I also got those fabrics cut and pinned in place. Tomorrow during the T'storms I'll sew them down and trim the background from behind.

And of course no work day would be complete without my "helpers"

Here you can see how much help Harry was......

And here Chloe did just about as much!

Have a great night!


  1. Strange, a friend was just on the phone telling me how a young owl had decided to live in a playroom. They keep putting her out but each time the doors are open she comes back in, no nest but does make a lot of mess. They feel privileged and hard done by all at the same time.

  2. That first photo is a bird? Looks like an alien!

  3. LOL....I was thinking the same as Vicki on the first bird picture.

  4. I see that Chloe has mastered the cat commandment "Never sleep anywhere else if you can lie in a doorway and disrupt foot traffic." Why oh why do they do that?

    You have reminded me that when the mourning doves are in nesting frenzy never leave the garage door open! They have used both front and back porches, but not the garage yet. Knock wood.

  5. Deb, you remind me of me. When robins built a nest on the wreath on our front door we had to 'live' around it - and it wasn't easy. Now you'll suffer the heat because you don't have the heart to disrupt the nest - I wouldn't either. Harry & Chloe look like they are really being helpful - maybe they are just contemplating something.....


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