Saturday, June 21, 2008

Rainy Saturday

It rained most of the day...some big thunderstorms, so I didn't plug in the longarm today. Instead, I worked on my drawings for my next class sample..another textures class, but this time a coral reef. I finished the drawing and started painting batting, peltex and tyvek, heating textiva film and fusing sheets of Angelina. I also cut out and faced all the fish, and dyed the cheesecloth.

I'm using commercial fabrics for the backgrounds and fish, as there will not be time in the class to dye or paint those in addition to all the other painting we will do. But we will embellish the ready mades with paintstiks and foils. I'll post photos when I get started putting it together...another words, after the paints dry.

It has been quite rainy this past week, and Harry has not had his normal lizard snacks/chases. So after the rain quit just before dark, he wanted out in the lanai. Amazingly, he didn't fall in the spa...he usually does when the tile is wet...LOL!!
Here he sees one, but's outside the screen.
And now I'm calling him to come in....he said NO, not yet!

And Chloe, being the sensible girl she is, came in right away!

The photos are kind of dark, but I hate using the flash on them, it messes up their beautiful eyes!


  1. LOL - Harry looks like he is tempting fate with that little tail just skimming the top of the water. I bet they don't like it when they do fall in.

  2. They are absolutely gorgeous - or should I say handsome (Harry) and beautiful (Chloe)? I can't believe Harry falls in - bet he doesn't like that much!

  3. they are so cute, adorable..I bet my Woody would love to play with's hoping...



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