Monday, June 2, 2008

The doll challenge

I have never made a doll in my life. So whatever possessed me to join Gayle's challenge, i can't tell you. But I have to say, this really is fun. I decided to do a mermaid. My torso is together, with the tail and fins on. I even put a wire inside so she could be posed. And here are her arms and her head. I remade the arms 4 times. Then I quit. I'm still not happy with them, but they'll have to do for this first effort. The hands and fingers are wire, so they will be poseable too. The torso, limbs and head are made from pimatex; a high thread count cotton...this one happens to be PFD (prepared for dyeing).
Here I have colored the skin.

I used Tsukeniko inks. to get this skin tone color I mixed the following colors; sand, banana cream, Tuscan beige, and a tiny bit of white. I mixed them together in a little pure aloe gel. These inks dry very fast, so I use the aloe gel to keep them wet and blendable longer.

The next step will be to sculpt, then paint the features of the face. This is my first practice.

Pretty hideous. Guess I'll practice a while longer before trying it on the real thing!
Have a great night!


  1. You posted so much I hardly know where to start.

    Love the quilting on the BC top.

    The mermaid doll is cute but the face is pretty bad...please give it another shot.

    Hope Don feels better really soon!

    All the postcards look great.

  2. Love the doll- that's a great first try!

  3. Wonderful... I am so impressed with your mermaid doll!!

  4. The mermaid is looking very cool! I actually thought the face was pretty good! So, you gonna go with Mary's opinion or mine? LOL.

    Fiona is beautiful1


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