Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Back into my routine

It actually felt good to get back into my work routine. And I had a very productive day. Quilted this client quilt.
I stitched the stripes of the flag in the ditch along with the borders and the perimeter of the blue part of the flag. and used the circle lord "Starz" template to make all the stars. I did randomly placed stars in different sizes. So quick and easy with the circle lord. The lighting is too bright, so it's hard to see on the front, but shows up well on the back photos.
I especially like the wreath of stars in the blue part of the flag.

The batting is Quilters Dream cotton and the thread Superior "So Fine".

After getting this one off the frame, I even got the next one loaded...a sampler, and got a little of that one started.

A good day. Have a great night!


  1. what a great quilt. You did a good job with the quilting. I like your ideas.

  2. Hi Deb,

    I enjoyed looking through your pictures showcasing your quilting - great job!!

  3. That quilt is wonderful. You did a terrific job quilting...I especially love the wreath of stars. Thanks for sharing.


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