Thursday, June 26, 2008

Now for the magic!

So, now that our rubbings are all done, the magic starts! Remember that these are watercolor crayons. So now we add the water. I just put a little in an old yogurt cup (clean, of course) and get a cheap paintbrush...the kind you get in walmart for a dollar.
Just dip your brush in the water and brush it on the fabric. The transformation will amaze you!
And here the background has been wet down.

But wait! In my water cup where I've been dipping my brush, I now have pure watercolor pigment in liquid form. Can't waste that good stuff, soooo I grab a piece of cheesecloth and dunk it in.

How pretty is that!

And here are the sand pieces after being brushed with water.

Now, the hard part...waiting for it to dry!

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