Monday, June 2, 2008

I'm back..did you miss me?

Where to begin...I guess with why I've been silent. My husband does intense bike riding (cycling). The group of guys he rides with does 20 miles a day. Last week, he had an accident and fell, injuring his back. So I have not gotten much done since. He is OK, but still in a good bit of pain...won't go to the doctor. But at least he is up out of the bed and walking again (sort of).

Well, then over the weekend, having cabin fever he wanted to go out to dinner. So we go to this Italian place. He wants clams, I say don't get clams here....wait till we go to a seafood place.

Well, he got the clams....and guess what else he got? Food poisoning..yep, the clams were bad! Shoulda listened to his wife! So, now you see what my week has been like....thankfully, I think it is almost over and he is on the mend.

now to catch up.... First the postcards, then work. These are the postcards from the latest MQR exchange that I have received. The theme was "recycle". this one is from Vicki. She wove selvages for the background and made the flowers from old tee shirts.

This one is from Michelle. She used an old silk scarf. The stitching she did around the flowers is great. And then she embellished it with crystals.
And this one is from Gretchen. She used a beautiful marbled fabric for her background and then captured shredded paper under tulle. Very cool.

And this is from Shirley. She layered an old doily rescued from a thrift shop over a pretty fabric to create a window. Wonderful texture.

And this one is from Kay. She made the chick from an old soda pop can, and the nest from thread. Very clever.

And this is the one I sent. A recycled skirt from my days as a "flower child". Are any of you old enough to remember those days?

And if all the postcards weren't enough great mail, I also received a gift from my MQR secret sister! Look at all these wonderful goodies!
And all of this came during a trying week and really brightened my days. Thanks you all!

And then to the last work I finished before Don's fall. This is a quilt that my client made to donate to a breast cancer fundraiser.

And this was a top my clients grandmother made in the 1930's. She wanted it quilted, but with no batting. It did have some piecing "issues". I used my circle lord giant zig zag template to do perfect crosshatching. Once I lined up the row, I actually stitched it from the front so I could control and work in the fullness as I went. It worked beautifully, and she was thrilled.

And I actually have more stuff for another post, so stay tuned!


  1. Wow, what an "exciting" week you have had! I hope your DH is feeling better. I bet he takes your food advice from now on! You did a great job on both quilts!

  2. Sounds like you could use a hug ((((Deb)))). Hope your DH is feeling better and next time listens to his much smarter wife! Those postcards just blow me away with the imagination - that gene must have passed me by. Your quilting, as always, is absolutely gorgeous. Hope you have a much better week.


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