Sunday, April 13, 2008

Wow, it's been a week since I posted last! It's been hotter than snot here....near the 90's all week. All little early for that, even around here!

At any rate, I've been keeping busy. This is a piece of tyvek (soft structure) that I painted today with Lumiere. I am teaching a textures class soon and I need to get some new samples made. So this is the first step.

And here we have the latest loot from joggles....wool felt, and lots of colors!
And I've already used some it making this postcard! Actually, I made 2, mailed one off to my SIL and kept this one for myself for now, anyway. Nice and summery!
And the rest of the photos show some of the pieces I will be using in my Textures sample. This is warm and white batting, painted with dye na flow in 2 colors. This makes great doesn't ravel so the edges don't need to be finished and it is soft and had a wonderful textural feel. Looks great cut with a decorative edge blade. I usually cut my applique pieces and stitch them down as I quilting. Quilts up beautifully and a dream to bead!

These are pieces of peltex, also painted with dye na flow. Again great for applique , good texture, no ravel. A little firmer than the batting, but still stitches and beads easily.

And of course I couldn't throw the leftovers away, so I dunked some cheesecloth! Then it all went out into the sun to dry. Cause in case you didn't know the sun intensifies dye na flow colors.

I've also done a little quilting and gardening to this week. Now to go catch up on my blog reading!
Have a great night.


  1. I'm feeling much better about everything that I will purchase this week!

  2. Gosh that surely looks like fun. I'll have to wait for 3 months for temperatures to rise up to 90.

    I went to Cincinnati this weekend. Did get to stop at the QS and spend alittle money. LOL

  3. That's hot....I'll keep my 50's for now. :) I love all your bright fabric experiments...way cool. :) Your postcard is so nice and it.

  4. pondering how hot snot may be?

    looks intensely fun over there deb:)

  5. I think I'll take the snow we had this week over your temps...just think how HOT it's going to get!

    I've been pondering a sunflower postcard too - your's looks great.


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