Thursday, April 17, 2008

A productive(though expensive) day

OK, my day started out innocently enough. My sewing machine dealer (domestic machine) called to say the eyelet punches I had ordered were in...finally. I ordered these when Mary was here in Jan.....they were backordered. So I go to the dealer this morning to pick them up. We use these to punch the holes for buttons and brads on our postcards. They work better than anything we have tried. They have a cutting edge, rather than just a point, so it goes effortlessly thru the fabric/batting and peltex. I ordered 4. I get there and they have 2. OK, so I take the 2 they have and tell them I still want the other 2 and to call me when they come in. OK, so I'm all the way out there, so I might as well go to Michael's while I'm out this way.
Aren't these brads cute?! They'll go great with the musical instrument charms I have for a musically inspired postcard. I bought other brads and letters and such...these were the cutest.
And then on my way back home again, I have to go right by the bead store....oh boy...I'm in trouble now! LOL. Well as fate would have it, they were having a huge sale of their myuki bead mixes....oh my! Well, this is just a small sampling of what came home with me. Aren't they pretty?
And then a stop at JoAnn's before heading back over the bridge to home, for a bolt of peltex.
Out of some weird sense of dignity, I won't share this week's joggles purchase. A girl's got to have some secrets :)
Have a great night!


  1. Almost as "productive" as my day! Tomorrow I will be going to Summerset's favorite bead store.

  2. I think you and I could really be in trouble if we ever went shopping together.

  3. Those beads look scrumptious. I saw a quilt at a local quilt show where she used beads very effectively - I was almost drawn to the dark side...

    (Reality check - beads & baby = not a good idea.)


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