Tuesday, April 22, 2008

circle lord and the textures sample finished

First, I want to post this quilt. I bought the circle lord and several templates and giant templates back in January. Today was the first chance I've had to start playing with them. Before I had the Quilt E-Z templates and used them a lot. Today I just took out the circle lord and did overlapping concentric circles on this wheel of mystery quilt. I have to say, that as to ease of set up and use....not to mention accuracy...the circle lord beats the "others" hands down...a no brainer as far as I'm concerned. I realize they might not be in every one's price point. But if you can swing it...there is no comparison. The thing that intrigued me about this system, was the potential for really neat, and unique custom uses with these circle lord pieces as base elements upon which to build. I haven't had the time yet, but this summer I will begin those experiments. Thank you Michael and Kay for wonderful tools that help us expand our creativity. And then, the textures class sample. I was under the gun to get this finished for my upcoming class. Got it finished last night...except for a little beading left.

If you didn't get the earlier post...the appliques are painted batting...warm & white to be exact. And the vase is painted and heated tyvek (hard structure). I added some hot fix crystals and couched some leftover yarn around the edge, and am beading the flower centers. How's that for recycling on earth day???
One of the advantages of this technique, is the batting and tyvek doesn't ravel...so you attach the appliques as you quilt!

Quick, and easy and uses all those batting scraps! The applique batting is painted warm and white. The quilt sandwich batting is Quilters Dream "Puff". The background and backing fabrics are my own hand dyes. The thread is King Tut "Cairo" in the floral swirls and So Fine in the orange peel.

Hope you have a great night!


  1. Is this for a longarm class or a regular quilt class? How neat!

  2. Very cool texture, Deb!! My favorite is the dimension in the flowers... do share how you 3D-ed them!!

    Hugs, Carla

  3. Deb..

    again *sigh* I am loving your long arm work, the circles, I just love them!!!!

    and I do adore your 3d flowers as well!!!


  4. perfect quilting design for that quilt. loving your flower!

  5. Deb oh my oh my I LOVE the little flower quilt. I need to start doing things for myself ... maybe this fall.

    I lust after the Circle Lord. Since I only quilt for myself I keep telling myself 'no'. Might have to rethink. I too have the Quilt EZ templates but they aren't easy to use.

    CONGRATS. Wonderful.

  6. Absolutley a happy lil quilt:)

  7. The back of your flower piece is just as beautiful as the front - I love the background fill you did on it. I've got a Circle Lord on my Christmas List - hope Santa remembers.

  8. Love the overlapping circles - I need to play more with my Circle Lord - I tend to pull out the swirls or BF templates. Maybe when I get around to quilting my Pineapple quilt.

    I keep running over here when I see you've posted hoping to see my quilt.....so even though it's not my quilt....the flower quilt looks great!

  9. I love the circles....and the flowers....you are so clever. It's such a happy little quilt.

  10. I appreciate your thoughts on the Circle Lord. I've been thinking about getting one of the systems.

    Your quilts are gorgeous. I love the texture the quilting adds.


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