Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Sneak Peek

I thought I'd give you a preview of what all that painted batting and tyvek from the other day is becoming. I'm doing a class on textures soon, so this is my class sample in progress. The flowers are made of painted batting and Angelina, the stem and leaves also are painted batting. All painted with Dye-Na-Flow. The background fabric is one I hand dyed a few months ago, and the vase is hard structure tyvek painted with Lumiere and then heated with an iron.
Since nothing I've used ravels, it is stitched on the background and quilted all at once. The edges are left unsecured to add dimension. The thread is King Tut "Cairo". I used decorative rotary blades to free cut the stems, leaves and vase.
Won't work on it any more till Monday. Too much else going on this weekend.
Hope you have a great one!


  1. I really like the flowers and stems - I'm less crazy about the vase but I'm sure by the time you finish it will look great.

  2. I love the wavy edged stems and leaves. Very cool.

    Can't wait to see the finished product!

  3. I love it ... so cool. Wish you were teaching an online class.

  4. Oh, that's very interesting! Thanks for the peak!

  5. Gosh, I last posted here back in Oct 2007....I just lost you somehow but never again. I do love your work....beautiful! The feather quilt is awesome....those fans are just beyond. Is there a way to link to your site? Or maybe I can add you to my site....I'll try that. Again, beyond beautiful...Pam


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