Monday, April 7, 2008

Been busy

Been a few days since my last post. I'm still here...just busy. With Mary's quilt, working on our garden, guild responsibilities, family stuff, and the stuff that we deal with as we get older...generally, life. And yes, all that stuff is definitely better than the alternative!

Sadly, today my SIL's beloved kitty, Jingle Bell died. He was only15, but had cancer. He was so deeply loved, and will be missed terribly. It made me useless today, as it brought back all the pain of our loss of Sidney and Ira not all that long ago. But, they are all together now, no longer in pain or debilitated; waiting for us to join them. And join them we will when it is our time.

And, it made me very thankful for the 2 baby fluff balls that now share our life.

And on a lighter note:
Friday, I received Janet's postcard. A may birthday girl; she did her rendition of the Wizard of Oz emerald city. Love the glasses Janet. Great job!

And today's mail brought Margie's postcard. Another May baby, Margie's card celebrates green of all veggies, jewels, cats' eyes, and in general, the renewal of spring. Beautiful Margie.

Thank you both for beautiful cards.

And, just to report...yesterday was Sunday....Joggles newsletter day! Can you imagine what I did?? Yes, I read the newsletter. Did it stop there? NO....but I was good this week(relatively speaking); I only spent $37.95 :)

Have a good night!


  1. And how's my quilt coming??? I like Margie's card - the greens look great.

    I prefer not to think about the death of anything with fur...esp. curly white fur. I'm sorry to hear about Anne's (??) cat.

  2. You need a Joggles Anonymous program!

  3. Losing a beloved pet is so hard.

    Those postcards are great. It amazes me all the pretty, creative things y'all are doing with them!

  4. Condolences on the loss of a beloved pet....

    joggles is wonderful, isn'tit?


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