Thursday, November 8, 2007

Slowly making progress

2 finishes today...a large allover feather meander and this beauty. The colors are richer in person...a deep royal purple and a beautiful gold. This was pieced by one of my best piecers/clients. She took a class from Sharon Schamber (her link isn't working right now) last year. This quilt was impeccably pieced and her colors were beautiful. What a joy this was to quilt! The photo isn't the best, I had forgotten to take a picture until she came to pick it up, so I was rushing. She was pleased with the outcome, thankfully.

And today, I also got another postcard from Mary! I think the bug has bitten her big time! But I'm happy, because I love getting stuff she's made! Tomorrow I'll post some pictures of quilts she's made for me.

And then to top off my day, I got a huge order from Superior threads! Loads of beautiful threads!

All in all a good day! Hope yours was too.


  1. Your quilting on this piece is beautiful! You must love getting quilts like this one.

  2. It looks nice Deb, what did you do in the yellow? I can't see the quilting very well. More feathers?

    I'm stuck in the Permacore rut right now. I'm finally pretty happy with my tension and I'm kind of afraid of jinxing myself. I almost use one of my Polyquilter variegated threads for the last quilt of Mom's but chickened out and used the Permacore. I decided I didn't have time to mess around if I had problems.

  3. Love the quilting . . love the whole piece actually.


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