Saturday, November 17, 2007

Living in a whirlwind

I feel like I've been picked up by a tornado! Everything is going so fast. Especially time. Today is my youngest granddaughter Fiona's First birthday! In the photo below she is helping Mom clean out the pumpkin 'guts' so Dad could carve it on Halloween. Looks like she thinks it's kinda of gross!
This week I also taught a machine applique class at the LQS. And Monday I am delivering quilts to the Veteran's Home for my guild. Plus finished up 3 clients quilts in addition to the one below. I'm tired!
I am furiously finishing up Christmas work. And today I did. This is my friend Connie's fractured diamonds quilt. It is pieced on a fabric foundation, and she pressed all the seams open, but the intersections were still very thick. I had a hell of a time! I raised the hopping foot, but when I got it high enough to get over those seams, the stitches weren't good, so I put it back. 2 broken needles and timing the machine finally made me change the quilting plan! This is the result. Not my preference, but it worked. The quilt looks nice, and it's DONE! And done is GOOD!

I am almost finished the prep work on my guilds' raffle quilt and it will be ready to load tomorrow. BUT, I first have to do my brown bag challenge quilt!! What? It's due already??? It can't have been a year already!!!
And, I have to get it AND the raffle quilt quilted before I leave for Virginia on Dec. 5th. And shirts embroidered for Don's sailboat racing crew by the Dec 2nd race, and postcards made for my next 2 swaps, and the list goes on......

And Mid-Altantic and MQS are coming up to work on those entries too!
Oh well, who needs sleep anyway!


  1. Holy Mackerel Deb....that is one busy schedule. Your little Fiona is a doll! The quilt is gorgeous....I'm sure you're glad to be done with that one. :) Good luck with all your deadlines.

  2. When I have thick seams ... I cover my hammer with fleece or batting and wack the seam ... works great. Beautiful quilt.

  3. I had a donated top on Saturday that had thick intersections - strings on a foundation too but this one wasn't ironed open. Usually I don't have problems when the seams are open.

    This looks great - I have a very similar quilt on my list that I hope to get to sometime this coming year.

  4. Well I just re-read that and I'm not sure it made complete sense - obviously I'm talking about seams ironed open versus seams NOT ironed opened.


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