Thursday, November 1, 2007

A little work and a little play

OK, first the work. I finished this quilt this afternoon. That makes 4 done this week! This is the prettiest, so this is the picture I'll share. I love these blues and greens...too bad it isn't mine! It is Jodi Beamish's Waterworld pattern and I used Signature "Island Waters" variegated thread. The next quilt is loaded and ready to start when I get home from guild tomorrow.
And now some fun! I made 2 more needle felted coffee cuffs this afternoon. And this time I pinked the edges and just did a straight stitch around. I just can't believe how fast this needle felting goes!

So I started another one. This time I'm making the flower 3-D. Easy and fast too! And I dug out a box of wool yarns that I have had forever. I originally got them to hook a rug.....That doesn't seem to be happening, so I'll use some of them for needle felting!

And then I ordered some more wools today... lots of brights! This is really fun, and it's something to do by hand which is nice, since everything else I do is at the machine. Nice change!
And I also discovered I can felt this wool to flannel and batiks too! What a great way to add texture to some quilts!


  1. Very pretty - I haven't used Waterworld in a while - this makes me want to make something watery and use it again.

    You're going overboard...must run in the family.

  2. Waterworld is perfect on that quilt. You are getting a nie jump on Chirstmas gifts there!

  3. i love the blue/green too... perfect ocean quilt:)

  4. It's wonderful! I'm not even going to look at that wool stuff....I know I would buy a ton....LOL


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