Thursday, November 29, 2007

I've been sent to the principal's office

I received an e-mail today from someone who has obviously read at least parts of my blog, but never commented. But felt compelled to send me an e-mail calling me to task for an earlier post.

The post of issue, was the quilters' horoscope from Nov. 9th. I clearly stated at the beginning of that post that it had been sent to me, AND I provided at the end of that post the link for the sender. But my e-mailer apparently felt that was not sufficient. And the overall tone, was that I was trying to pass someone else's work off as my own. That s the one thing that I NEVER do.

This person did provide the original author's name and site, which I will pass along to all of you.

The original author was Pauline Rogers an Australian quilt shop owner and tutor. According to my e-mailer, she also raises money for breast cancer. Sounds like a wonderful person.

So to Pauline Rogers, thank you for the quilters' horoscope. Sorry for the belated credit.

The other question this raises : ..... is stating something that you are sharing is not your own work, but sharing it anyway with the best information you have OK??

Or do we simply refuse to share anything we have come upon that is not our own work, even if we note that it is not ours, for fear that if we cannot correctly identify the original creator we have caused some horrible harm?

I will remove the post in question tomorrow.


  1. I think it just come down to some people have too much time on their hands. I read the original post and you did state that it was something that someone had shared with you.

  2. I agree with Yvonne, some people have way too much time on their hands. I say ignore it. Now, if the orginal author was the one to complain, that is a different matter.

  3. I agree with the others - you did nothing wrong and the person who wrote to you needs to get a life!! Please don't stop sharing.

  4. I didn't think anything about it when you posted it but it makes sense that something like this is probably copyrighted. I guess when in doubt - link to a site rather than posting the content on your site and if it's not available to link - then maybe it's safer not to post it.

    BUT having said that, I wouldn't worry. You said it wasn't yours; and you gave credit when you found out who to credit. I'd remove the post and not worry about it.

  5. Good grief! Some people really do need to get a life! You did not at all come across as trying to pass it off as your own. I'm sorry someone was mean to you about it.

  6. i agree, i was in no way under the impression that it was your work. you've done all that is required of a person.....once you knew the author you posted it. kayp

  7. That's a shame. Some people have no class and are so jealous of everyone else they can't stand themselves. I was following a link to your site; sorry I missed the zodiac.

  8. I agree with the posters ahead of me. You did not take credit for it and did not know where it came from. Once you learned, you properly credited the individual and even removed the post.

    The person who contacted you could have been more tactful in how he/she communicated the information, it appears.

    This emailer needs to watch the wording on how he/she communicate to people they do not know. Always assume the blog writer truly did not know they were posting the work of another. In other words, give them the benefit when in doubt. The emailer "people skills" seem to be lacking, one would conclude.

    2 slaps on the wrist [to this individual] from Miss Manners for sending hate mail!

  9. Ohhh, the Copyright Nazi strikes again! Poor Deb! I know you meant no harm. I have to confess. I had something posted (totally innocent error)on my blog that had a copyright. I say had because I'm not sure it still is in effect, I don't know the law on this. It was a pattern in a magazine from the 90's, I thought it was safe to share, but noooo! I had to snatch that post off my blog the minute DH asked about my right to share this information. I started to wonder if I was headed the way of Martha...

    Seriously though, I suppose it's a bit like buying a quilt pattern, making a copy of it, giving it away and then that person makes a copy to give away and so on. Most bloggers already post links to information that may be of interest. If I can't do that, I won't share information via my blog. Need to keep myself out of shooting range of this gal that's gone after our poor Deb.

  10. Been there, done that (it is NOT fun). You've done what is necessary (offering an apology, providing updated credit info, and removing the post in question)... so take a deep breath and DON'T stop sharing.


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