Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Brown bag challenge

OK, as promised, the pictures of my challenge quilt. I'm now whipping the binding down.
It is all raw edge applique. The challenge fabrics were all but the background and the second leaf (the green one). The light isn't great, but the background is a mottled brown. Hey, should like that! This top leaf is yellow.

This one is fabric, not one of the challenge fabrics.

This one is rust.

And this one is red. I added the little "flying geese to use the 2 fabrics I didn't like. I also used them on the sleeve and as a frame around my label.
I used polyquilter "harvest" thread and quilted around the applique and simple swirls in the background. I used matching thread to stitch the detail in the leaves. Then I used Jones Tones bead glue to fix tiny glass seed beads down the center of each leaf. This stuff is great! It holds well, is easy to use and is washable after 7-10 days curing time! After 24 hours, I could not dislodge any of the beads even with rigorous scraping with my fingernails! I can see lots of uses for this stuff! Oh, and I used Quilters' Dream "Dream Puff" batting. I love that batting! Do you see how the leaves really pop? Like they were trapuntoed. But they were not. Just tamping down the background gives that effect with this batting.

And this is the back. Is it my best work??? NO. Is it nice? Yes. Main thing, it is DONE! And done is good!

Now I'm back to working on the guild's raffle quilt!
Have a great and safe Thanksgiving!


  1. Very nice! I love the bead details on the leaves.

  2. Ohhhh.... I LOVE your project! Both sides look fantastic!

  3. Thanks to you both! It was quick and fun!

  4. That's really cool....wonderful job as always. :)

  5. I think you did a great job. I love the way the back came out with the leaves showing.

  6. Hi deb - you did a beautiful quilting-job on that brown one.


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