Monday, November 5, 2007

A good day

I got allot accomplished today. Finished 2 quilts! The first one is a nautical panel..a repeat of one I did a couple months ago. It is for the same client...she liked it so much she did another and wanted it quilted exactly the same! Since I posted the other one in September, I won't bore you with another picture of the same thing!

The second quilt, is a king size scrap quilt that I quilted "heartstrings' by Jodi Beamish on. No pictures taken yet.

Last night I received to raffle quilt top for my guild's 2009 show. I shared my drawings for the applique a while back. It is really neat to see the finished top! Now to quilt it!

And then finally today i received my UP mag AND my catalog for MQS, and Mid-Atlantic quilt fest! SO after I finish up on the 'puter' tonight I'll be reading !

And, I also received my latest book purchase.."Fabric Art Workshop" by Susan Stein. All I've had time to do is flip quickly thru, but what I've seen looks INCREDIBLE!! Can't wait to read it in detail!

And now, after an exhausting day, I think I'll retire to bed and read all my goodies!


  1. I am really getting hooked on audio books of late... geez they are pricy tho!!!

  2. And what makes you think we would be bored seeing pictures of your gorgeous work? :)


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