Sunday, July 22, 2007

What a day!

First thing this morning, this sweet little boy was running around the lanai like a crazy man and fell in the pool! I knew it was only a matter of time and so he was never out there unsupervised. He screamed and then swam like a champ and had pulled himself out before anyone got to him! And the amazing thing was he hit the water swimming! His head never got wet!! Maybe this experience will slow him down a little. Probably not, though.
And then as I was quilting a quilt for my cousin my take up roller broke! Scared me to death! All I could think of were all the quilts I have stacked up waiting. I always do full floats, but this particular quilt had major "issues" so for the 1st time in a couple years I had pinned this top to the roller. Well, now I have to unpin it, get the broken roller off and substitute the top roller for the take up roller, put the leader back on and I can quilt again. So e-mails off to my dealer. I was getting a new table anyway soon, so I guess it's now. After all that I didn't feel like quilting any more so I decided to embellish some fabric for a new project. These are rubbing done on black moda marble with iridescent copper paintstiks. I love this stuff!
These are so easy to work with and so versatile. has great ideas for using them as well as many other things.
So, I was able to salvage a crazy day! Tomorrow, after sorting out the table problem with my dealer, I guess I'll have to finish the quilt with "issues".


  1. He's mighty cute laying in that bowl.

    Hope you get an answer on your table soon!

  2. Looks like you're having too much fun with the fabric dyeing and such.


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