Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Harry's home

Well, Harry is home after his ordeal at the vet today. The vet said he did very well. He is a little sleepy, but eating well. He has a little bruising and he walks a little funny, but otherwise moves around pretty well. Chloe has been a very good nurse...laying beside him and giving him lots of baths. Probably trying to get the "vet" smell off him. And he weighed almost 6 lbs!!! He's only 4 months old.... he weighs twice what Chloe did at that age. But then again he will be a very big boy when he's grown. And above are yesterday's fabrics, all washed and dried. Got lots of beautiful "sky" fabric and also lots of good for applique flowers and such too. I need to get a bigger tub for marbleing though. That fabric makes such pretty flowers and much texture and depth.


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