Monday, July 23, 2007

A better day

Well, today is much better than yesterday. Harry is fine after his foray in the swimming pool. And I was able to finish the quilt I had on the frame at the time of yesterday's pick-up roller fiasco. I have also made contact with my dealer and I now have my new table on order, along with a new machine. My dealer made me an offer I couldn't refuse. So I'm getting a new machine (just like my old one, only new) and a new table that that is a foot longer. So all is good.

Thanks to those of you who were kind enough to reassure me that my fish and lures in the previous post do indeed look like fish & lures.

And I also had a question about the kimono quilt. The butterflies are not trapuntoed. It's just the batting and the dense background fill. But the batting makes a huge difference in the look. I used Quilters' Dream "Puff" and then a layer of Quilters' dream Midnight poly-request loft over it because of all the black in the top. I always worry about bearding with dark tops, so I usually just put a thin black batting over my main batting for those tops if I need to. Dream puff and Dream wool are my favorite battings...not affiliated with Quilters Dream...just a very happy customer:)

Tomorrow is my dye day, then after that it's back to work to pay for this new machine & table!

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  1. I worry about bearding too although I hadn't thought of using a black batt over top of a white one. I used a Hobbs black batt for the Amish quilt - I like the Quilters Dream Midnight Poly better.


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