Saturday, July 21, 2007

Back to work

Well the house is back to normal and the laundry done, so I'm back to work! This quilt was made by the LQS owner's daughter for her husband. He loves to fish, so fish I quilted. I filled in with lures and hooks. My husband says they look like mice! Oh well, I tried!

You can see the more detailed shots on my photo site and decide if they look like fishing lures or mice!
And, then there is this beauty! What fun this was to quilt! This customer always does gorgeous work. Those 3-D petals were the devil to work around though. Even though I pinned them back so I could do background fill down into the pockets, I still kept catching them. But it was worth the aggravation not to have unquilted areas showing under them.

So I did get some accomplished this week. The next quilt is loaded and ready to go. I also have been working on handouts for my textile groups' next workshop that I am hosting next month. We will be making our own "fabric" from Angelina and silk fusion. And Tuesday, is my "dye" day this month. I usually set aside 1 day a month to dye fabric for my own projects. Now I just need to take the time to MAKE the projects! So I feel good about my work progress this week. Unlike my "helpers" below who fell asleep on the job!


  1. Oh, they do NOT look like mice! Your fish are fantastic!

    On the other quilt, is that trapunto or does it look like it due to all the heavy background quilting? Gorgeous!!

  2. Beautiful fish! So detailed and realistic! I can see your flies and hooks! I hope I never see a mouse that looks like your flies! LOL

  3. OK, Don's obviously not looking at the same quilt we are - they definitely look like fish NOT like mice.

    Love the butterflies in the other quilt too.


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