Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Dyeing fun

Today was spent dyeing fabric, one of my favorite activities! While labor intensive, the process is fun. I have been doing this for years, and I have a pretty good idea of the general look I'll get; but I always get a least 1 unexpected piece each time. The hardest part, is letting them batch. I'm always so anxious to see the end result. But with dyeing you don't know exactly what you have till it's batched overnight and rinsed, washed and dried. So here's just a little taste of today's work as it batches. Tomorrow evening, I'll post the finished product.
The piece above was done using shaving cream as a medium. The 2 below were direct application.

Aren't the colors luscious! There are more more baggies too with other colors; reds,purple,greens,rust.

I also did some low water immersion too. Even made a brown, Mary would like that!
Tomorrow morning Harry goes to the vet to be neutered....poor baby! And then it's back to work quilting for me.


  1. That 2nd bag would look nice mixed with some brown and green in an autumn quilt!

    I still say it's way too much trouble to make my own fabric but glad you enjoy it.

  2. Hello....your sister told me about you and I just had to come take a look at your beautiful quilting...but more than that...your gorgeous Ragdolls...I have two Raggies myself...Elwood and Jake...Sealpoint and Sealpoint Lynx...what a small world to find a quilter just like me...loving those quilts and the Raggies. If you'd love to see more...check out Ragdoll Central...great community to learn lots about the Raggies and most of all...see tons of pictures too.


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