Tuesday, July 31, 2007


My plan today was to start quilting the quilt I loaded yesterday. I did and got about 1/3 done. Then, I took a break and made some sheets of silk fusion as samples for my upcoming class. Then, I was going to cut this batting that had been donated for making charity quilts by our guild president. Well, as you can see from the photos, Chloe and Harry thought this looked pretty interesting! I figured I'd have to close them out of the room to get it done, but......

then they found the box!! Way more fun than the batting!
So, once they were occupied, I was able to get it cut...all 40 yards!


  1. Well at least they didn't rip it up. Chesty will go the longest time without paying any attention to my batting and then out the the blue he'll decided to shred some. I keep the closet door shut now and keep him out of both quilting rooms when I'm not right with him.

  2. Just like little kids at Christmas? Rather play with the box than the contents? Well, in your case, that was a good thing.


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