Sunday, November 16, 2008

First, I don't know why blogger rotated the photo.  Oh Well, you get the gist.  I made buttons today.  I obviously decided on the shells.  I finally got the proportions figured out. These are thin, but thick enough to show the detail of the shell.   I made 78 today.  Ran out of clay and reordered.  I'll finish the rest later in the week when the clay order comes; then I'll paint and glaze them.I am really happy with much so, that I'll probably make all my buttons from now on!

We're having a little cold snap here.  Chloe insisted the fire be turned on.   Tonight will be in the low 40's and tomorrow (and the next 3 days) only in the low 60's during the day and 40's at night!   Yeah, yeah...I hear you all snickering, but this is South Florida!  It's supposed to 80 here in the winter!

And yes, I'll have some cheese with my whine.

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  1. How many of those do you have to make? Only one hole?

  2. We're in the teens tonight...Chesty's been curled up by the fire too.


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