Sunday, November 2, 2008


I should have taken a photo of my studio floor! This fabric put out tons of red lint! It is good quality quilt shop fabric from a good name manufacturer, but wow! I've never seen so much lint in my life. Still, it quilted up nicely. The light is not real good today, but you can get the jist. I did sqaure hibiscus wreaths in the alternate blocks with a heart center. SID in the star blocks with a hibiscus in the center and hearts in the corners. The hearts are tossed randomly.
In the red border I did my little feathered flower fill, and ba-bump feathers in the gold border. The black border is actually a 1 inch wide flange.

So Fine thread colors "marigold" and "scarlet". warm bond batting. This was the first time I've used Warm bond. It is their 70/30 cotton/poly blend. It quilts nicely, had a fairly good loft, and stays soft even with all this dense quilting. I'd use it again.

Hope you remembered to set your clocks back...Have a great night!


  1. Deb.....the quilting on this quilt is just gorgeous!

  2. The quilting is gorgeous and NO I didn't remember to set my clock back until Keith reminded me this afternoon.

  3. Just gorgeous Deb! Wow! Alot of work too!

  4. Deb that is absolutely stunning! Great job!

    you know .. it must be a red thing .. I'm doing the spinnner quilt with reds for Kyle and I'm getting a ton of red lint too .. My feed dogs are definitely red in tint too :\



  5. This quilt is beautiful. I love the fabric! And your quilting really enhances it.


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