Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Back online!

Our internet went out Sunday morning.  Comcast came today.  We have broadband (cable modem) into the house, and then I had set up a wireless network within the house, so that we could access the internet from anywhere without being 'wired'.  Well Sunday, the whole kit and kaboodle went down.  After an hour on the phone with comcast trying various fixes, and 2 hours on the phone with Linksys, and another hour with HP, still nothing.  Today, the comcast tech arrived. The problem was two-fold.  1st...our cable connection was very poor...the line coming into the house from across the street is bad.  So that means, they have to come dig up the street...re-lay all the lines and replace the lines to and within the house.   2 weeks till it's all done.  BUT, they were able to rig a temporary solution for the interum.                                              2nd....my wireless card inside my laptop computer croaked...so it doesn't recognize the wireless network within my house.  Well, crap!  And of course, the laptop is out of warranty.  So, my solution was to go to radio shack and buy a USB wireless adaptor.  Yahoo!   back in business again.  And hopefully with in 2 weeks all the land cables will have been replaced and we have a good, strong signal.

On the good news front,  I have finished the last quilt you saw a glimpse of...photos tomorrow or the next day. And I got this cute postcard from my Aunt Nancy as a part of our family Nov. exchange. 

Hers is much cuter than mine, which was also a turkey...only a freeform cut one out of felted wool.  I'll find the pictures and post them later.

Other than that, all is OK here and hopefully getting back to normal.
Have a great night!


  1. I'm so glad you are back. :) I hope you have a wonderfully Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for tagging me....I'll get to that very soon.

  2. All of this seems so simple, like magic when it all works, but when it fails, ARGH! Not simple at all and just try to get wireless connections from printer to PC to talk to each other after all is redone! Love my wireless though...tee hee


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