Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The napkin pattern

For those who asked about the napkins...
The pattern is called...are you ready? The Napkin Pattern!
Mary bought it at;
the Quilting Cupboard
1627 North Broadway
Rochester, MN 55906
and the website is: www.thequiltingcupboard.com


  1. That design has been a freebie for a long time. This one is very similar if not the same.


    They are VERY cute.

  2. This one is MUCH simpler and uses WAY less fabric...you only cut a crescent.

  3. ok, I give.. I cant get the link past the home page.. patterns dont come up. Help?

  4. Hope you dont mind Deb, here is the response from them when I was trying to get to the pattern...lol ( Im relieved that Im not toooo insane)
    This item is not available on our website yet. Is it the napkin pattern that looks like a tree?
    Please call us if you would like to place an order.

    The Quilting Cupboard
    1627 N Broadway
    Rochester, MN 55906

  5. Could you please at least give us the company that makes the pattern?? I gotta get it!!
    Thanks, Diana in Illinois

  6. Hi Diana,

    I did give the company info of the shop Mary purchased the pattern from in this post. You can contact them and I'm sure they'll be happy to help you.


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