Saturday, November 8, 2008

A day off!

We all took the day off...LOL  Harry and Chloe took full advantage!Me?  I had a good day.  I worked some on my red/black&white quilt...I know; you'll get pictures when I'm a little further along!

I also made 2 more sets of napkins; worked on the drawing for my next wholecloth; sat in the sun and read for a while; talked to Yvonne a little bit on the phone; worked on my quilting design for the next client quilt in que; And filled out the entry form for and took the photos for the Mid-Atlantic Quilt fest entry.  

That entry is Mary's quilt that Mother made and I quilted...well, almost Obviously the photo closeup was of the part I have finished! Speaking of MAQF...they have changed the rules this year.  Any quilt that is done (even in part) by someone who has taught quilting for money, quilted for money, ever won a ribbon in a show, etc...has to enter the "Master" category(which is new this year).    

Not that it makes a difference...I have always gotten juried into that show....but never won a ribbon there.  

But, hopefully I'll get juried in again this year so that Mother will be able to see her work hanging in a national show for the first time.  Even though it won't win a ribbon there...just hanging will be a great thrill for her.  SO keep your fingers crossed we get juried in!

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  1. Geeze sure got alot done for having the day
    I really enjoyed talking with you. :)
    Good luck with the quilt....I can't see how they would refuse you.

  2. Does that mean that you are going to attend Mid-Atlantic? The cats look sooooo comfy!

  3. That would be good news for someone like me if I was interested in entering shows. Are you serious - any ribbon puts you in the Master category? Between that and the other criteria, that's going to be a LARGE one isn't it?

  4. that would be a massive pool of talent in the 'master' section.. good luck with your entry!!
    those pussy cats certainly look like they have had a VERY busy day... doing nothing.. which is what cats do best!

  5. I think we could all take some lessons from Chloe and Harry on how to relax.

  6. I love those pictures of your furry darlings.

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  7. Sounds like a day of contentment for you, Harry and Chloe...aren't they the best company, just laying around looking cute?


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