Saturday, May 10, 2008

Starting to get ready!

Got the big suitcase out. And picked out my shoes. This is it..Crocs for me . Fortunately, I do have them in wonderful tropical colors to match the theme at MQS this year! So you can tell from my selection of shoe colors, I'll be wearing pretty bright clothes! Mary probably will die when she sees these shoes! LOL
This is my little quilt for the auction. I sunprinted the fabric with Dyn-na-Flow paints; cut my shapes for the fish, coral and shells out of fun foam and placed them down where I wanted.then out in the sun to dry. The covered areas dry much lighter than the areas exposed to the sun. I used 2 battings; warm & white on bottom and airtex on top. Signature cotton thread in "mint" for the background quilting, and Superior King Tut in "Fahl green" for all the detail work. A little fun fur couched on and hot fix crystals for fish eyes added the final touches.
The backing fabric is one I hand dyed a couple years ago.
So I'm collecting all my class supplies, trying to find power cords for phone,ipod, laptop, and camera batteries. It won't be long now!


  1. What a fun quilt! I hope you and Mary have a great time. I'll be looking forward to reports from the road.

  2. OMG, are you serious???

    That's OK, I'm used to your love of bright colors!!

    Is this quilt for the auction at MQS? It looks great and I really love the spools quilt too.

  3. I hope you take lots of pictures so I can live the experiene through you. I hope you and Mary have a wonderful time.
    BTW, Love the crocs.


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