Sunday, May 4, 2008

New postcards

Yesterday, I received the first of our "family" postcard swaps. It is from my sister Ann, and it is the cutest thing I have ever seen! And for those who want to know the details...she did the applique by hand...isn't it just too cute?! And then I finally finished the top of my Mother's day postcard for Mother...hope your not looking....Mother! I used felted wool for all the applique and then beaded the center. Now to finish the edges tomorrow and get it in the mail!
And I finished a special quilt today for a client. Can't share all the details yet, but here is the back...

and a tiny snippet of the the front. More details late

Hope you are having a great weekend, and looking forward to a wonderful week!
For me, it is getting hard to concentrate...9 more sleeps till I leave for spend time with Mary, and soak in all the fabulous quilts, take a couple classes to learn some new things, shop, and see old friends and new! Can't wait!!!!
In the meantime, I have my new joggles order to look forward to...LOL!!!!


  1. What a great card for your Mom! That quilt is awesome!

  2. yummy looking quilt! does that belong to someone that has been buggin you to finish it? lol

    i'm not sure i'm ready for mqs yet. ugh.

  3. Deb
    the cards, are gorgeous and the quilting? OMG.. again, lovely lovely lovely lovely.. can't wait to see the front!!!!


  4. If Suzanne is referring to ME I hope you wrote and told her that you haven't finished my quilt yet!

    Ann's postcard turned out cute didn't it? Mom will see that one by the way - she reads both our blogs all the time. She always commenting on something I've written. We're going to play this week while I'm at Mom's - any suggestions for things I should show them how to do for their upcoming postcards?

  5. Your quilting is awesome! Love it!


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