Monday, May 19, 2008

Getting back to normal

Well, after all the excitement of MQS, things are starting to get back to normal here. I loaded a quilt yesterday and have been working on that today. I am also working on both my MQR postcards, and my family postcards. I sent a bunch of stuff out in today's mail to Mother, Mary, Ann, Maureen, and Nancy.

So first I need to catch up with pictures. This postcard Mary sent me and I received it the day before I left for MQS. It was an anticipation piece of our time together there. And we had a ball!
This beauty is from Gayle, part of our latest MQR exchange. The theme is "Recycle" and this is made from some really cool vintage bark cloth. Thanks, Gayle, I love the texture. This is from AnnMarie...I think she put the recycle issue "in your face!" just where it needs to be! Love everything about your card AnnMarie, from the stuff to the shape.

And this one is from my Aunt Nancy, part of our May family exchange. She said she saw these cats and thought of me. Thanks, Nancy, I love it!!! It definitely is me!

And then just 2 photos from MQS...the first was taken by Trayce ya sweetie! It is of Mary and me at the MQR get together...we had a great time meeting with all our MQR pals!
Do ya know who's who???

And finally, for those of you who haven't seen it, this is the quilt I won the 2nd place ribbon with. It is the raffle quilt for my guild this year. I designed all of the applique and pieced setting triangles. The 9 patch blocks and flying geese units were the ideas of 2 other guild members, Susan Slaton and Donna Vogel. I pulled it all together in EQ, and the guild members did the piecing and applique, and I did the quilting and all the embellishments.

And, I'm still tired, but had a great time. That's it for tonight. Thank all of you who have taken the time to send congratulatory notes. I appreciate them all.
Later, gators!
Have a great night.


  1. Congratulations on your big win! I lvoe the card from Mary! I lvoe the other two also - but I got them too! I need to get working on mine this weekend.

  2. I was nervous about having photos of me show up that I didn't get to *vet* first but this one of the two of us is cute!

    I shipped the 90 degree ruler and the nested leaves to you today - priority so you should have them before too long.

  3. Congratulations. Your quilt is very, very beautiful.

  4. Maybe some day I'll be as good as Deb. I'm not holding my breath though... Lovely quilt!!

  5. Congratulations again, Deb! I loved your quilt, and it was perfect for the theme category! It was great fun to see you win the ribbon, and even better to chat with you at the get together!


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