Thursday, May 1, 2008

A good family news day

It was a day for good news in the family cousin Heather had a healthy baby boy today...Mom and baby are both doing well. And yes, she is MUCH younger than I...close to the age of my kids...happy now?! LOL

And Chesty, Mary's little fur baby, is finally getting better...poor little boy was so sick the last few days

And since I should post a is a quilt I finished the end of March for a quilter, but it was impeccably pieced. they have been sailing in the Bahamas on their sailboat the past few months and will be home in a couple days..then she'll pick up her quilt.

I have to say, since I do primarily high end custom, I don't often get a turning twenty quilt...actually this was my first....may be my last, who knows. But the fact that she used batiks and a lot of solids, made my kind of quilting stand out on it. We'll see if she likes it. Her only request was fore the piano key border, and that it look tropical. Do you think???
Only 11 days left till we leave for MQS...YEAH!!!!


  1. I'm so glad to hear Chesty is getting better.

    If your customer doesn't like your quilting she needs professional help - it's absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Good news all around....I'm sure Mary must be feeling better about Chesty.

    As always, the quilting is gorgeous. I never tire seeing your's so beautiful. I'm sure she will love it and if not I agree with Irene.

  3. Wow, that's fancy quilting for a Turning 20 but it really makes it special - I'm sure she'll love it.

    Chesty was playing with his sneaker tonight....he's MUCH, MUCH better thank goodness. Now I can look forward to the visit to Mom's and meeting you in Kansas!

  4. She will be very very happy. Your quilting is just wonderful.

  5. Love the quilting! Glad to hear good news on Chesty, too!

  6. The only thing you need to make this a PERFECT day is for the UPS guy to bring a package!

  7. Now it's impeccably quilted! Beautiful work. Hope to run into you two at MQS but looks like I may have a DH in tow. Glad for the good family news.

  8. I say again -- WOW. Your quilting is spectacular. If I ever finish that millstone-around-my-neck Baltimore Album quilt, I think I'll see if you could quilt it. Anything that's taking so long would deserve your star treatment!


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