Friday, May 9, 2008

new stuff!

Ok, Though I am hesitant (not)....I will share with you PART of my joggles order for this week. The first item...knitted metal mesh....what a find!!!! It is soft, stretchable, sew able, and comes in quite a few colors. If you pull it the edges ruffle. I can see flowers, seaweed, sea fans, and a host of other possibilities for this stuff. So much so, I'm ordering all the colors. It is $7 and change for a 3" by 1yd tube. You can cut the tube and get twice the width. VERY cool stuff...I need more...LOL. And then in the sale page, she had these cute brads! Well they are so cute I went back and ordered more today before they're gone. Yes, Mother....I ordered some for you too! For those of you who don't know these are scrapbooking brads... but they work great on fiber postcards. That's what I use them for.
I did receive other items too, but lest you think I'm totally out of control, I won't post the rest.
Who am I kidding???
Hope you have a great night, and weekend.
4 more sleeps till MQS!!!!

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