Monday, December 17, 2007

Still sick, but working anyway

I can't believe it, but I'm still sick as a dog! 8 days now, yuck! I am so tired of this. And to make things worse I had a very severe allergic reaction to one of the meds I'm taking. After a long night, I have recovered from the allergic reaction, but not the original disease. Hopefully soon.

But as time waits for no man (or woman) I'm still trying to work....a little at a time. And to top it all off, I had some minor but annoying machine issues, but as luck would have it my dealers were in the state and came by this morning and took care of things.

Other good news is this post card I received from Karen cool is this! Love the tux!

The other thing I accomplished this weekend is getting my registration done for MQS and my hotel reservations. So I feel good about that. Now I just need to get a quilt done for the show!

And speaking of shows, I sent my entry form in today for the Mid-Atlantic Quilt show. It is a juried show, so we'll see if I get in again this year.

And the other interesting news this week...I was contacted by the editor of "On Track" Magazine (IMQA's magazine) They are starting a new feature called "Creative Lines" and want to feature my quilt from MQS last year in the next issue! What an honor! I of course agreed and did the interview.

So in spite of feeling just awful for the last week, a lot of good things have happened, and I have gotten some work done.

And in closing tonight, I leave you with some kitty pictures. My SIL keeps asking for pictures with a reference so she can see how big the kittens have gotten. So today, Don took pictures of me holding each of the kitties to send her. Her response was "They're BIG" lol.

The first is Harry...he's 9 months old.

And this is Chloe...she's 14 months old.

Hope you have a great night...stay warm!


  1. Mary was right, they are the size of dogs! I got my tux postcard today too. It's very cool!

  2. These are nice little kitties who happen to be rather substantial...more to love!

  3. I'm sorry to hear you're not feeling well....hope the week gets better. Your kitties are gorgeous....I think they are a bit bigger than mine. :) Great pictures!

  4. Thanks so much for MY postcard, it arrived today and I was surprised. See I don't even have to enter the exchange - you send me ones anyway.

    Those cats are BIG. Both Kevin's dogs and your cats are bigger than my Chesty who's cuddled up beside me sleeping right now.

  5. Oh I am absolutely in love with Mary's Chesty, since he looks just like my Leo.
    Now I see your beatiful Rags I want one!! They are just adorable! I understand they are very affectionate too, so that would suit me!

  6. Woohoo! Congrats on the article...Get better soon!

  7. Well get better!!!

    Those cats are really cool... as far as cats go? They would have rudy for a snack:(

  8. Thanks Gina! The kitties only hunt lizards and Rudy would be safe....I think :)


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