Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Distributing quilts

Today I went to a local nursing home to distribute quilts made by my guild members. Below are a couple pictures I took of the 2 ladies that assisted me today..Susie on the left, and Carol (AKA Grandma Claus, as she called herself today).
The residents were most appreciative of the quilts, and it is such a joy to be able to do this for them.
So this was the highlight of my day.
The rest was spent cleaning and catching up on the laundry from my trip. I caught a terrible cold...on the plane most likely, so I'm feeling a little slow. I think I'll take some meds and turn in early. Maybe tomorrow I'll feel like being productive. And maybe catch up on my blog reading! Thanks to all of you that welcomed me home...I missed you all.


  1. How nice to be able to take the quilts to the nursing home. I'm sure they're appreciated. How many quilts have you all donated this year?

    Hope you feel better soon! (It was probably Ann and her family or Aunt Frances who made you sick not the plane!)

  2. What a lovely thing to do!!

    Hope you are feeling better soon. The last time I flew, I became really ill afterwards. I'm crossing my fingers as I'm flying on Sunday. Enjoy your holiday season!

  3. I hope you are feeling better very soon! I love the smiles on the faces of the elderly couple. What a great thing to do for them!

  4. Thank you all for the well wishes. I still feel like s**t, but I was able to work a couple hours yesterday. Next weeks' got to be better!

    Hope you don't get sick on your trip Carla.


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