Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I'm ready!

Well Mary thought I needed to update my header with more recent photos of the babies. So she took the latest photo I had taken and cropped it. All I had to do was insert it into the layout. How's that for great sisterly help!

I'm all packed and ready to go! I leave at 7 am in the morning. Mary and I will both go to Atlanta, where she'll meet up with Adam (her youngest) and we'll go to Virginia (on separate planes, but at the same time) And we'll arrive at the same time (hopefully) and My son, Stephen ( Fiona's dad) is picking us all up at the airport.

I am so excited, I probably won't sleep a wink tonight! I will miss my hubby who is staying home with my babies. But it will be so great to see all the kids, Mother ,all my siblings, nieces and nephews and even some aunts and uncles and cousins!

And Vicki!

Next post will be from Virginia! I'm packed for cold weather.(well as well as a Florida girl can).
And I'm off at first light!


  1. OMG, we just called for a cab for 4:30AM! I definitely won't be sleeping tonight but I got upgraded between Mpls and Atl so I'm hoping to nap on the plane. The snow is still coming down so I'm hoping I won't have any problems getting to the airport.

    See you soon!

  2. Safe travels to both of you! See you Sunday!

  3. The fur babies are so cute.

    Have a great trip and enjoy time with your family!

  4. You are all lucky girls! No doubt at all, Vicki will be so happy to meet you, too. I WISH you would all consider making the trip to Minnesota for Quilting On The Waterfront in 2008. News regarding this is at skyquilt@quiltingonthewaterfront.com
    Not a long trip for Mary! :)


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