Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Home Again

I'm home again! Exhausted and sick (you know how it is with air travel this time of year). But I had a great time! It was so good to see so much of the family. The reunion on Mother's birthday went great and she had a grand time.

I'm still going thru the photos, but here are a few to get you started. This is my 1 year old granddaughter Fiona and her daddy (my son Stephen) Can you tell daddy is wrapped around her little finger already?!

And this is my daughter Kelly with her daughters....Samantha (5 years old) on the left of Kelly and Kara(12 years old) to the right of Kelly. ( The drama queen with her hand to her head) Though in all fairness, Kara's day didn't start out too well. She is prone to awful migraines and had one that morning when she woke up. As the day progressed she felt better, fortunately. I sure hope she out grows those terrible things. And another one of Sam and Kara

And her is Mary (in the center) with our sister Ann to the right and Ann's son Ben to the left (with his back to us) and her husband Jamie behind on the steps.

And then on Sunday, between all the family stuff, Mary and I went to lunch with Vicki. I won't post a picture...you can see one on Vicki's blog if you are interested. She is just as she seems on her blog. I guess who we are comes thru in our writing. It was great fun to meet and talk with her. And she gave me this beautiful fabric that she dyed along with beads to match!

I had a mostly uneventful trip home. And I must say, that it is nice to come home to warm, tropical weather. And even with the bad cold I caught from the plane ride....somehow, I don't feel quite as miserable as I would if I were cold.
I spent my day, catching up on laundry, and my husband. And snuggling with the kitties. I did get my MQR postcards in the mail too.
Tomorrow, I will deliver quilts to the local nursing home on behalf on my guild, and get back to work....got to finish the background fill on that raffle quilt!
Hope you all had a good week too.


  1. Welcome home Deb! Sounds like a wonderful trip....family, friends, fabric. :) I'm glad you had a good trip....glad you're home safe and sound.

  2. I head out early tomorrow morning (5:30!) hopefully my flights will go well too.

  3. Lovely photos of what lmooks like a great family reunion. Love the chequers board.

  4. yeh!! Youre home!!! Those girls are so cute! I bet u squezzed the life out of Fiona eh! Welcome home:)


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