Friday, December 21, 2007

A small whine

Actually, a big whine! I thought I felt better yesterday. I was able to finish the raffle quilt. About 9 pm last night I was talking to Mary on the phone, commenting on how I thought I'd finally turned the corner...Well around 10pm I hit the wall. Chills and fever, plus all the other symptoms I've had since DEC. 9th back with a vengeance. Up all night, finally got back in bed about 5 am this morning and fell asleep. Don got up and went to the marina...I never heard him. Finally the phone woke me at 9:30. Crap! I'm supposed to deliver this raffle quilt at 10!!

Back home, laid sleep. About 3pm start with the chills and fever again. This is truly the virus from HELL!

I got a postcard from Beth today...really cute, but couldn't muster the energy to take a picture...maybe tomorrow :)

Also, I did take a couple pics of the raffle quilt, but they didn't turn out to well...blurry and dark (just like I feel) But we are having it professionally photographed next I'll have some good photos after that.

Right now, I think I'd give my right leg to be able to sleep tonight! (can't give an arm...wouldn't be able to quilt)

OK, I'm done whining for now. Thanks for listening.

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