Friday, June 12, 2009

You already know....

I have way too many beads. So, since it won't be much of a surprise, I thought I'd show you my latest find. Sequins! A couple years ago at MQS Mary and I found this vendor that had unique sequins. That particular vendor hasn't been back to MQS since. Well, I've been looking for more shapes and sizes of sequins and last week I found this place. Oh boy, oh boy... what a feast for the eyes! Well my order came today. And they are fantastic! They are holographic so they don't photograph real well, but you'll get the idea. First up large leaves.

Then small leaves

And stars


Small shells

Larger shells

very large flowers(for sequins) they are larger than a quarter!

And Sunflowers (or you could use them for suns)

also larger than a quarter.

Some of these have already found their way onto the"crown" .
And lest you think I'm too bad...Look all packaged up to share!

Email me!


  1. Oh wow! I've got to check that place out!

  2. Ohhh, I see my name on one of the bags and I didn't even have to ask! I esp. love the snowflakes and the leaves but they're all very cute.

  3. OOOOOooooo, I like them. If I only had some imagination, I would have an excuse to get some. Guess I'll wait to see what you do with them then copy your idea.
    I know, I'm bad.

  4. I don't need more beads either but..... soooo tempting. I have their website bookmarked.


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