Saturday, June 20, 2009

new hand dyed fabric

I got another set of hand dyed fabrics from Vicki's etsy shop today. And they are GORGEOUS! This palette is called " mineral pool" and was taken from this photograph.Here are the pieces individually...notice the incredible texture in each piece.

This piece shows a little darker than it really is...the truer color is at the bottom of the first photo.

A few people have e-mailed me and commented that they think these fabrics are too expensive. Well, let me tell you...if you don't dye, you have no idea of the cost of both raw materials in fabric, chemicals and labor that goes into making these fabrics. Add to that; Vicki has spent the countless hours and attention to detail that is required to create formulas that allow her to reproduce these exact colors time and time again...accurately. In addition to that, she researches the color palettes and puts these colors together so that you have a beautifully coordinated set that will be successful in whatever quilt pattern you choose to use them in.

I am not affiliated...yada yada...but I think these "palettes" while not appealing to everyone, yield a fabulous, time saving find to anyone who values a work of art. These fabrics, in and of themselves are a work of art. Imagine what incorporating them into your art pieces will do for your work!

Thank you Vicki! I love them and can't wait to see the new palettes you come up with. I'm sure they'll find a way into my art!

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  1. I guess you have to do some dyeing to know what's involved in getting the exact color you want. I just do serendipity dyeing but if something turns out wonderful, I can't do it again.

  2. I love them!!!! I so agree with you....I think they are worth every penny. I'm so happy she started selling her fabrics. :)

  3. And we can get queen size quilts for $39.00 too. Usually when I say something is too expensive, that means it costs more than I have to spend that day and I really want it so I blame the price because that seems less embarassing than saying I don't have enough money. Her colors are beautiful and I have been told that getting a consistent sueded look is not easy.

  4. I agree, you can't put a price on dying knowledge. These are lovely!

  5. I'm glad I splurged a little for two of the sets myself but I understand that everyone can't afford to pay for higher priced fabrics. Dyeing is something I'll never do myself so other than the ones you give me for free -- I have to purchase them if I want some.

  6. Vicki's palettes are beautiful. I really want the Sargazer palette. They are worth paying for. It is funny to me that people think their own art work is worth a lot of money but art work of others shouldn't be worth as much.

    I love Ann's comment about getting a queen size quilt for $39. Those are the same people who buy $2 and $3 fabric.

  7. There is a lot of work involved in hand dying! Labor costs, doesn't it?

    Anyway, I love the hand dyes you've shown!

    From someone who has a large stash of procion dyes... LOL


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