Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New fabric in the mail today!

Vicki opened an Etsy shop the other day. I just had to have the beautiful sunprints she had. Well they came today, and they are even more gorgeous in person! These are perfect sunprints!And this one too!

And because I was her first customer she sent me this prezzie! One of her handpainted metallic fabrics. Metallics are notoriously had to photograph, and this one is soooooo much more beautiful in actually glows! Thank you Vicki, I love them all! If you haven't visited her shop you need to get over there!

I also spent some time today making bead mixes. I was really surprised at how many beads I had in the "brown" family. Mary will get a kick out of that since I'm always ragging on her about how much brown she uses! And yes, these are quart size zip lock bags...and yes, I know I have a! But I do share with Mother and my sisters when they need beads.
And, I also added some crystals and did some beading on the "crown" today. Beading the edge really takes a lot of beads...that's why I need so many.....(:>)

And I did get some client quilting done too. What did you do today?

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  1. Yes, and the BROWN and pink quilt is going back up on the design wall tonight since I finished the tumbler top.

  2. That snowflake fabric looks really yummy. I like the way the beading adds to the look of the crown.

    I had the overwhelming urge to make a stuffed elephant, so that's what I'm doing tonight.

    I know! I'm bizarre! LOL

  3. Pretty beads! I can't compete with you on bead supply...and hopefully I never will! The crown is looking fantastic. I'm so glad you like your fabrics. I can't wait to see what you do with them!

  4. Thinking some pretty princesses are going to LOVE those beaded crowns!

  5. So pretty....I can see why you scoffed them up so quickly. :) Nice bead collection and lovely princess crown.

  6. Love this one too! I can tell that I didn't do anything near as much fun as you did!


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