Saturday, June 6, 2009

Fit for a Queen...or a couple princesses

I'm always on the lookout for fun things to make with my granddaughters when they come for their summer visit. Well, that time is almost here! Not too long ago, I came across a cute pattern here that I thought the girls would have fun making. I always test our projects before they get here to work out the bugs, so I got this one out today to try.yes, it's a crown! And very quick and easy to make. It comes with the foundation...I did not like that at all. Very difficult to get the fusible to stick..and it distorts terribly with heat. So I threw it away and used peltex..the same stuff I use in my fiber postcards. It worked great! And without any fussing.

They also give you a tiny piece of velcro..again, I didn't use that either. I cut a strip the whole length of the back piece...that way the crown can "grow" with the girls. The other thing is the directions don't tell you to cut the binding on the should, it'll go around the curve much time I will.

Such fun! Now to add some bling! Plenty of room for lots of beads and crystals.

Hmmm, I even know a Queen (of quite a lot)...wonder if she'd like this spiffy red crown?

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  1. I also thought of Miss Suzanne when I saw this! LOL Your GD's are gonna love making these, it's adorable.

  2. What a hoot.

    Just the other day I came across a Tiara Challenge on Nancy Eha's website:


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