Saturday, March 7, 2009

Postcards finally done!

I got way behind with everything  due to the show and getting quilts finished, etc.  But now I'm all caught up up my postcards.  I finally sent Mary hers for the January family exchange.  I forgot to take a finished photo before I mailed it off but you can see it in progress here.                                                                                                                                                                                               Then, also for the family exchange, this one is for my Aunt Nancy for February.  I used a piec of my hand dyed dupioni silk for the background; free hand cut a heart from pink craft foam with a decorative rotary blade and secured it with a brad.  I also put crystal at the intesections of the diamonds, but forgot to take a photo after that....
Then, there is the MQR swap. The theme was Aesops Fables. You could choose any fable.
I chose "The silkworm and the Spider"

One day,as a silkworm slowly spun it's delicate threads in the noon-tide sun, a spider cried from it's darksome nook; "Look at my web, sweet sister. look!  I began at dawn, 'tis hardly noon, and yet my task will be ended soon;  for while thou spinnest thy life away, I weave a web in a single day.  Examine it well, each airy line is as fine and fair as the best of thine."  

"True", said the silkworm with a smile, "But will they endure for half the while?"

Moral:  True art is thoughtful, delights and endures.

I used black silk shaunting for the background, and I stitched the spiders web with pearlescent metallic thread.

I used a silk dupioni square (except the yellow, it's silk jacquard), a piece of a silk carrier rod,
and some silk throwsters waste to depict the  silkworms  work. There are 8 of them.  I didn't take but one photo of each colorway.

I just love working with silk.  It takes the dyes so beautifully; has such gorgeous sheen, and
nothing feels better to the skin.

This photo doesn't really show the richness of the fabrics, but I'm sure you've seen silks before.

I even got my March family postcard almost done!  So I'm feeling back in control.
Have a great night, and don't forget to set your clocks forward! Daylight Savings time starts at midnight.

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