Sunday, March 15, 2009


One of the most incredible things about living in South Florida are the shuttle launches.  From our house, we can see the shuttle in the Northeast sky 1 minute and 10 secs after launch from the Kennedy Space center.

The coolest launches are the night launches...the sky just erupts like fire!

Tonight, just a few minutes ago Discovery was launched...1 min and 10secs later, it lit up our sky.  It was just after sunset, so not as spectacular as a night launch, but still enough to watch the fireball and see that huge contrail from the earth to the edge of space. 

I never tire of sights such as this.


  1. I'm so mad I did not realize it was launching tonight to go out & see it... I heard it but thought it was an airplane going over-head at first as we live near Venice airport (though then realized it was not & did not realize until I heard about it that must have been the shuttle!)

  2. We watched it on TV. I was actually flying in a plane one day and we saw a launch. The pilot came on and told us to look out the window....very cool.

  3. We saw it too, I never get tired of seeing that orange ball in the sky. I am so glad it was a clear evening.


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