Monday, March 16, 2009

die cut wool appliques

I was talking to Mother last night and she had been reading my blog.  She was very interested in the die cutter.  So I promised her I'd do some cutting and send her some.  So this morning I pulled out some wool and started cutting some leaves....a birdie, butterfly and dragonfly....

some hearts....
a few stars....

and some daisies.

I'll work on a few more shapes tomorrow and get them in the mail on Wednesday.  Do you think that will keep you busy for a while, Mother?  And if there is more than you need, I'm sure Ann would be happy to take some off your hands!

Email me!


  1. The colors are fabulous. Did you dye them or did you buy the wool that way?

  2. Mom's going to love these -- I can just see adding some beaded details on the butterfly and dragonfly can't you?


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