Thursday, January 8, 2009

Trout has arrived!

Well, here it is coming up to our backyard docks.  Isn't it just the cutest little thing?  As you can imagine, Don is thrilled.  What fun this little boat is going to be.  A huge change from OuiOui, but change is good. And the way we sail has changed so this will be perfect.  BTW, Vicki...did you notice Don's shirt?? LOL  Good thing he has a bunch of them...he wears one every day! 

It was a beautiful day...not a cloud in the sky.  Fairly light breeze, but this light little boat doesn't need much.

I'm really glad we decided to get the optional hull color...that flag blue hull is just gorgeous.  First thing tomorrow morning the lift techs come to fit the lift to her, so we can get her up out of the water and keep that bottom nice and dry and smooth....she'll be much faster that way!

 Yup, just another perfect day in Paradise!

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  1. Beautiful!

    How big is Trout?

    When I was growing up, we had a 24ft Catalina named and then later a 30-something ft Catalina, that we called Harmony. I don't remember what size boat my Dad lives on now. I ought to know. It's called Southern Cross.

  2. The shirt really sets the boat off beautifully!

  3. congratulations! Its gorgeous!

  4. looks like fun, when I was a kid my parents had a C&C 28 I think it was called. We (mostly they I was a teen) sailed Lake Superior, very chilly!!

  5. Awesome! Thanks for rubbing it in while we are

  6. We have had rain almost every day for weeks and now you post photos of a sunny marina and a beautiful boat. Sniff, sniff. LOL Even someone who knows nothing about sailing can appreciate that Trout is a lovely thing. I'm sure you both will have a wonderful time with your new boat.

  7. I may just cry...looks like paradise to me! Trout is a great boat, nice size and I love the color. How did she come to be named Trout?

  8. I love your new boat! Trout is a beauty!! I just love boating!


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