Saturday, January 17, 2009

A busy week

A very busy week. There is a ton of guild work to be done as we prepare for our quilt show in February. We'll have 290 quilts!  If you're in the area, you should come. Lots of venders too.  I'm still working on quilting show quilts for clients, and mine still aren't quilted either! 

But I did steal a couple hours this week to handpaint and sunprint  some fabric. I used setacolor paints. Usually I use Dye-na-Flow. I really like it a lot better. But I did get some pretty good pieces.  This first one is my clean up rag....not bad for a rag! 

I was going for more of a colorwash here, but I didn't get the paint dilute enough....another reason I like Dye-na-Flow better...

This is a piece of Habotai...too splotchy..again not dilute enough...  I'll have to add more color to this next time I have a paint/dye day.  The setacolor also leaves a heavier hand...not as soft as Dye-na -flow.
For this one I sunprinted washers with a cheesecloth overlay....interesting.

This is a white on white print

I really like this piece

and this one too

Another white on white print fabric...kind of cool

And this is a piece of silk jacquard....really pretty, but again it lost some of it's softness.

What did you do this week?

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  1. These sunprints are beautiful. You should do a tutorial on the process. Thanks for sharing.

  2. All of them are beautiful! I like the one with the washer and cheesecloth, very interesting.

  3. Working on a quilt for our new king-sized bed ... our old bed was a queen and so obviously that quilt is too small. When and where is the quilt show? I live in Venice... is it the one at the Venice community center or elsewhere? I feel like that one is every other year and was last year, but I tend to lose track of time! I'll definitely come!

  4. Did you remember that Mom and Ann wanted some of your tamer hand dyed fabrics for postcards?? I'm running out too....


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